Monday, May 16, 2011

What a Rush!

The race was a success! I met all three of my goals:

1. Finish
2. Run the whole thing
3. Finish in 2:30.

I ran the whole race, finishing in 2:27:03. I can't describe the amazing time I had at the race yesterday! Tomorrow I'll post a recap of the weekend, but I really wanted to say thanks to some people..

First and foremost--Hubby. He's been so supportive and motivating about this whole adventure. His first full marathon and my first half... pushing me out the door for some "me" time to train, helping me figure out a plan, but mostly having the faith and confidence in me that I can do this.

Second, my good friend, Beth, who got me started running. I would never know what I am capable if it weren't for her.

My parents. They watched the kids while Hubby and I ran but they've also given me so much support and confidence as well. During my whole life, they've always had confidence and pride in everything that I do and that's priceless.

My co-workers--they're awesome. Asking me for training updates, motivation, bought me flowers and chocolate cake pre-race to wish me luck.

Friends and family--for giving me tons of support and motivation. I honestly couldn't have done this without all the support.

I'll write more tomorrow but today I'm exhausted and ready for bed.
Love you all!

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