Monday, October 7, 2013

Back on Track.... Kind of

It's been a while... I've been afraid to post anything because I don't know what's going to happen with my training. Right now I'm about halfway through the training cycle for my half marathon at the end of November, and I feel like I just started. I'm up to 7 miles for the long run last weekend, and have been successful. It's the shorter runs that seem to give me problems.

I'm still battling plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It's not severe, but I can feel it daily, even just sitting around sometimes. I still wear a brace every night. Just today I bought inserts for my shoes to see how that works. I had been wearing my Saucony Triumphs when I first started up again, but every time I put the shoes on, my arches hurt. So, I went to my Kinvaras, which are my favorites. Weird, I know. They have way less support in them so why...? Well that seemed to help my arch pain somewhat, but then my calves started killing me. My right calf hurt the most, off to the outside of the calf. In the short runs during the week, I've had to stop and stretch every half mile or so, then stop completely, or stop and walk. I've DONE the distances, but I have not been able to run the full shorter distances.

It's weird, I know. When the time comes for the longer distances, I've been able to get through them.And running the whole thing. I don't know how, but I have. This week I switched back to my Triumphs so my calves could get a rest. That seemed to help (after mile 2, at least).

So, I'm back on track, kind of.... I'm where I need to be for the long runs, getting through them. The shorter runs are giving me trouble. We'll see how it goes for the next couple of runs, now that I have insoles and have switched back to the Triumphs. Less than 7 weeks to go!