Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a Week!

Last Thursday, I was doing my four mile short run. It went well, but on Friday morning I woke up and was unable to walk. My left arch on my foot was in excrutiating pain. Each step I took shot a pain through my foot like you would not believe. I thought it would get better as the day went on, but it did not. Even just sitting at my desk, it hurt. I came up with a couple options of what it: plantar fasciitis, a heel spur (family history of this...), and the last option we came up with was improper shoes. We went to the shoe store and got re-fitted for shoes. I was told that I still have the bigger size shoes (my feet grew a size and a half after baby #3--well, one of them did) but they were no longer wide. So, we figured that the wide shoes were giving me support in the wrong part of my foot, causing the pain. I went back to my original running shoe, but a size and a half bigger (6.5 now).

My Saturday run, with the new shoes went great. six miles felt great. The kids wanted to run with me, but when we got to the park I was running through, it was so windy they couldn't push passed it. Even with the little stop with them, I think I had my fastest pace ever!

Sunday, the arch pain came back. It wasn't quite as bad or last as long, so I'm hoping the new shoes helped and I'm on the mend now. Sunday was a busy day, so I did not get to my cross-training. I'm okay with that though.

Tuesday, I had a tough decision to make. I wasn't feeling well, had a cold and it was raining outside. With 4.5 miles on the schedule, I didn't know what to do. I can't do that inside. With some encouragement, I decided to run outside (Don't tell my mom, she'll be mad!). I wanted some practice running in the rain because on race day, I could be sick and it could be raining. The run went well, and I slept even better afterwards!

Cross-training on Wednesday was on the bike training in the basement with hubby after the kids went to bed. It's fun to sit next to him and ride :)

Today was such a beautiful day outside. It was in the mid to upper 60's--the first time this season. We decided to do a sort of family run at the running shop that sponsors group runs on Thursday nights. Hubby took the two older kids in the double jogging stroller and I took the baby in the single jogging stroller. I had 4.5 miles on the schedule again. Never having pushed a jogging stroller while actually jogging, I was nervous. It was a little windy, so we put on a thin plastic cover for the stroller, but unfortunately the wind was going just the right way when I started, that it collapsed on him. I stopped to fix it at .15 miles. Then he cried almost the first whole mile. We were going into the wind, so that could have been why. At the first mile marker I stopped to see how he was doing and decided to take the cover off and try that. Not one peep out of him after that.

At this point I didn't think I was going to be able to do the whole 4.5 miles while pushing the stroller but I did! I even kept up a decent pace of 11:08, not much slower than a normal run! I'd say I did pretty darn well. After that first mile it got easier but I am a little sore in muscles I don't normally use while running. I'm proud of myself for pushing through it to complete the necessary miles for today.

Seven miles coming up this weekend. Looking forward to seeing what I can do!

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