Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Training: Day 2

So the first day of official half-marathon training went extremely well (okay, it was a rest day, but I loved it!). Day two went pretty well too. I was worried since my knees had been bothering me, but during the run, they weren't bad.

I started off on the indoor track at the Y and did a mile there. The ramps around the curves are not necessarily fun to run over and over (it's 16 times around for a mile) and I started to get annoyed. After that first mile I moved on to a treadmill and did two more miles. I wore my Garmin with the footpod and realized that the speed on the treadmill has been wrong this whole time. I set it on 5.0, which the treadmill says is 12:00 miles. My Garmin said it was 11:30, so this whole time I've been going faster than I thought on the treadmill. That makes me feel a lot better about my indoor training.

The last two miles on the treadmill were okay. I got bored pretty easily and started the mental game again, thinking about how warm I was getting (I don't sweat right, I don't think) and what hurt (it was my shins at that point), and that I should stop. I pushed my way through all of this and finished the three miles in 34:54. Not bad for indoor running, I guess.

After I got done running, my knees hurt pretty bad. It was hard to walk a little but then they got better. All evening they bothered me a bit when I'd bend down or walking up and down the stairs. They've been cracking a lot more too when I bend down or get up. I hope this is just a temporary thing.

Today is cross-training, which is good since the Y is closed and we have about a foot of snow here. I'll probably go for some Tae Bo today. Hopefully the rest of the week's weather will cooperate for the planned training runs. Outside is best for me mentally, but we're supposed to get more snow and cold temperatures this week.

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