Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good news

So, on Super Bowl Sunday I fell on the ice. I didn't think much of it until Wednesday when I was traveling to the Chicago area for work. Each time I got out of the van my knee stiffened up and was pretty painful. It seemed to be getting worse, and began to hurt more during the day. Finally today, after dealing with it long enough, I visited our Athletic Trainer at work. He helped me through the tendonitis I had in my knees two years ago, and I was fearful that's what I had again. After his examination, he determined it was slightly swollen, with a visible bruise. The ligaments are not damaged and it's probably just some bruising under the patella. Phew! I was worried. I have to take it easy during my runs, make sure I warm up first and ice when I'm done. Hopefully the pain will go away soon. But thankfully, it is NOT what I thought it might be--tendonitis.

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