Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anticipation of Milestone

This weekend I'm scheduled for a 5 mile run. I'm actually really excited about hitting this milestone. Last year before I got pregnant and completed a couple of 5k's, I was thinking it'd be pretty exciting to be able to run five miles. Now, it's approaching and I'm so excited! It's a big accomplishment in my book and I know I'm well on my journey to the half-marathon. Hopefully the weather will hold up until at least noon or 1:00. We're supposed to get snow and ice. I don't mind running in the snow, but it's the ice that'll be the problem. Hubby is running a 25k this morning and the kids and I will meet him when he was done. The original plan was to all play on the playground but with the threat of the weather, I want to get my run in as soon as I can.

On another note... does anyone read this?