Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why "I am Not a Runner" Still...

I've been told lately that I need to change my blog title... that I can't have run a half marathon and not be a runner... I'm not changing it. I still don't consider myself a runner. Why, you ask? Because I chicken out for any reason I can--the heat, my knee, my other ankle, I have a cold... and those are all reasons in one day! I can come up with a gazilion more NOT to run. If I don't have a specific training plan in mind, I won't push myself. Right now I'm training for this triathlon in less than two weeks (!!!!) and over the weekend I didn't want to run more than 20 minutes. It was hot and muggy, I was up in the hills instead of flatlands around my home and I had a cold.

You know, after I finished my half-marathon, I told hubby that I wanted to be able to just go out and run 6-7 miles whenever I wanted to and not worry whether I was able to or not. Now, I'm lucky to eke out 3 miles. I think my timing is wrong though. I wish I was able to run first thing in the morning, but I wake up so early for work as it is, that I refuse to get up any earlier. And on weekends I just want to sleep in.

What's this about my ankle and knee? I don't know. On one of my runs last week, my left knee started to hurt. Shortly after, my right ankle started to hurt. I thought it just needed stretched, but I had to keep stopping. I did something to them, but I don't know what. They felt a little better on the run this weekend, so I'm hoping they'll be okay next time I run.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a brick workout. I did a long bike ride (in the cool rain) on Sunday instead of a brick workout so I'm going to attempt to do my brick tomorrow instead. It'll be 30 minutes biking, then 15 minute run. I've done 30/10 but need to do more than that. I've read that the 10 minutes is what it takes to get past the jelly legs point and then I'll be able to run... we'll see.

On top of all that, it's been almost two full weeks that my ear is plugged. Not sure if it's still water or something else now. I had it clear for 24 hours then got plugged again in the shower. It's starting to crackle again now so hopefully it's clearing out. Wore ear plugs during my swim today. Worked out okay, no new water in ear. I probably looked like a dork--swim cap, goggles, nose plug (still can't get past that one), and now lovely ear plugs. 2 weeks to race day.

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  1. Ughh!!! I didn't run today either. TOO DARN HOT!!! (Oh and thunderstorms this morning). Oh well, not stressing too much at this point. Good luck on your tri training! I did one last summer, too much fun!