Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 Milers

Two more five mile runs this week. Nothing spectacular about either of them. The weather is starting to get warm, so my wardrobe is changing. I have a tendency to overdress, so I have to be careful with that. I'm looking forward to race day and I hope it's on the cooler side, so I don't overheat. I tend to overheat instead of sweat, like I should. I guess I'll be using the water stops for something other than drinking.

Last Sunday, my long run was 9 miles. I also ate some energy gel for the first time. I took it at mile 6, just before I hit the hour mark. I wanted to get used to eating them and make sure they didn't upset my stomach. It was decent, considering what it was. After eating it, my pace got faster by almost a whole minute! I couldn't believe it. I was trucking along and looked down and realized how fast I was going. Hubby said it was all mental, but I don't know... Maybe I should eat one BEFORE I go out this weekend :)

These two short runs have taken me a while to get focused. Maybe I need to start listening to music again to give me something else to think about. It's an ankle that tired, a knee that's a little sore... I've tried to focus on my breathing and that seems to help me forget the other things. Guess I need to get the mp3 player out again.

10 miles this weekend. Looking forward to hitting this milestone!

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  1. I think I'll run it with you on Sunday before we pick up the kids, what do you think?