Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Review

I have been all over the board mentally this month. From not being sure if I should do the full marathon anymore, to considering dropping down to the 1/2 to not running at all anymore, to being proud of myself and excited for the race.

Earlier this month I had a half marathon. It wasn't on the schedule originally, but I knew I wanted to do it. Hubby and I were trying to figure out which one of us would be doing it. Eventually we decided I would be. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for it mentally. In the past this has been my A race. I trained for it mentally and physically. This time, I did not prepare mentally. The night before, Hubby mentioned to family that I was doing one in the morning and that's when it hit me.

Race day was fairly warm for March. Last year on this race day, it was 70 degrees. I was 50ish this year, but that's warm for this time of year. Only problem was the wind. Boy was it windy! I realized my first mistake as I was on the starting line. I had forgotten to bring gels. In the past, this race had not had gel support, so I was really nervous. Luckily the new sponsor this year provided some. Unfortunately, they didn't have them until mile 6 and that was it. I took one then, but should have taken one with me for later. I think I bonked because I ended up walking much of the second half of it, although that was going INTO the wind for most of it.

I got myself a pair of new shoes--Saucony Triumph. They are supposed to be their best padding in the forefoot. I've done several long runs in them. The balls of my feet always end up really sore and it's difficult to finish my runs. Today, I did 18 miles in them (my longest run ever!) and managed to finish it all. My feet still hurt but I was able to run most of the first 12 miles (my running partners needed to walk) then the last 6 miles, when I was by myself, I had to run/walk it. Most of the time though when I stop running, I can't start up again. Today, I was able to do that.

I think I've come to the realization that I won't be able to run the full marathon--I'll have to run/walk it. I'd much rather run the whole thing, but at least I'll be doing it.

Well, today was 18 miles. I have 14 next weekend, 20 then following weekend, then I start my taper. I'm looking forward to being done with all this. I don't like how sore I am and unable to move after I'm done running.  I'm pretty sure this will be my only marathon I do... Well, just about a month to go!

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