Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Achilles' Pain

Since Sunday's 18 mile run, I have not been able to walk without a limp. My right Achilles' tendon has been in terrible pain.  I've been a little nervous that I may have injured it too badly. It hurt two weeks ago after I ran but when I did a short run on that Tuesday, it seemed to stretch it out again and it was better. This week not so much. I attempted to run yesterday and didn't make it further than 2 miles and had to walk some of that. I was really worried.

Today I took it outside since the temperature was nice. It was windy, but warmer that it has been. I decided to wear my Kinvaras today, rather than the Triumph because my Achilles' has been tender to the touch and I figured the Kinvaras would be a little easier on it. The first 1/2 mile was pretty painful. My gait was off but eventually the pain worked its way out. It wasn't completely gone, but I managed to run the nine miles I had on the schedule today.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, but right now I'm sitting here icing it (as I have been all week) and will be attempting to wear a brace tonight while I sleep. I have a brace for plantar fasciitis that keeps your toe pulled up towards your knee. I'm hoping that will keep my Achilles' tendon stretched enough that it doesn't draw me to tears in the morning, from resting all night.

One month from tomorrow is the marathon!

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