Saturday, December 17, 2011

Race update and Major Disappointment

I've been a slacker on this blog big time... I'd be surprised if I still have any followers.

The Turkey Trot went okay. I was able to run the whole time. I wasn't trying to PR, although I would have liked to. My ankle had been bothering me and it was the first time in 2+ weeks that I'd run. I did well, less than a minute off my PR. I could definitely feel the ankle by the end though.

The week after Thanksgiving I started a weight loss challenge with some girls at work. Nothing at stake, other than bragging rights. Perfect timing because of all the holiday parties... the challenge will last up until Christmas... harsh, I know, but I think twice now when I go for those cookies or those treats someone brought in.

It was also perfect timing because my training for my second half marathon was scheduled to start. Unfortunately, the ankle has been bothering me so bad that I can barely eek out a mile on the training runs. It's time to go see someone. I've got an appointment with my PCP next week and will get a referral. Hopefully I can see a PT soon and get this taken care of. Then I can resume my training. In the meantime the elliptical and I have become better friends. I've been doing as much as I can on the elliptical at the Y so I can pick up my training where I should be when I'm given the okay, or I feel I've rested it enough that it heals.

I'll update on here as much as I can. Hopefully I can keep going with the exercising I've been doing.

Oh yeah, and I'm down 5.5 pounds since Thanksgiving. It's amazing how much my pants fit better with just losing those 5.5 pounds! Doesn't sound like the other girls are doing as well, but I feel really good about myself and have more energy too! I'd like to lose at least another 10 but I'd be happy with 5 more...

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