Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Post: Meet Holly

The following is a guest post from Holly at I'd Rather Run Outside. This is all part of the Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange. You should see mine posted at I Have Run sometime tomorrow. Welcome Holly and all Holly's visitors. I hope you come back soon!

So I saw this over at Chelsey's and thought it was really fun! I have been seeing a lot of these survey type things going around lately and will rotate them into Wednesday posts to make things more interesting and so we can learn stuff about each other!

Three Ways I’m Still a Kid:

1) I LOVE to watch cartoons with my girls and prefer to watch them over most of the shows on t.v. during the day. I do like watching adult stuff at night: Man vs. Wild (umm….Bear), NY Ink (ummmm…Ami), MythBusters, Dual Survival, etc…notice the Discovery Channel trend!

2) I love to play fun games, and that’s one of the reasons that I became a P.E. teacher, so I could play all day!! I do prefer Elementary School to upper grades. Upper Grades know everything already and don’t want to learn if they don’t know. I like teaching little kids things and seeing them do things for the first time.

3) I’m stubborn and it takes a lot to get me to “give in”. I am a lot better than I used to be but it’s still hard!

Three Ways I’m already “Old”:

1) I like to get up early, before the girls. I like to have a little time to myself in the morning so I can feel like a real person before I put on my mommy hat.

2) I can say that things came out “25 years ago” and I am able to remember that far back, although no very well.

3) Most nights I fall asleep on the couch by 10, if not earlier.

Three things that I want to do:

1) Teach again! I just renewed my teaching license and there happens to be an Elementary P.E. position available in my area that I just applied for. I would love to get it but it is tearing out my soul just thinking about the prospect of having to leave my girls all day 5 days a week. I know they would be fine, and I would be fine, but it still hurts that I wouldn’t be the one filling their needs for 8 hours of the day. I was rocking Brighit at 3 in the morning and started thinking about this and started crying. I hadn’t originally planned on going back to work until both girls were in school. That would be either 2 years from now if Brighit went to pre-school or 3 years if she just went to Kindergarten, but this seems like the perfect position and the pay would be enough to not just be paying for childcare.

2) Go back to school! I have my Master’s and part of me wants to go back for another, not sure what area though. That would be in the future though.

3) Get certified as a Personal Trainer. If I can’t teach than I want to be able to help others lead a healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t do this until the girls were both in school as I probably wouldn’t be making enough here to cover the childcare.

Three ways that I’m a stereotypical boy…

1) I have my mind in the gutter a lot and laugh at fart jokes…enough said!

2) I LOVE cars!! I always have but the hubby is passionate about cars and works with them all day so my love has increased as well.

3) I must be a growing teenager because I eat more than my husband!

Three ways that I’m a stereotypical girl…

1) I love the color pink! I never used to like it but I guess with having 2 girls I have grown to love it!

2) I would love to be able to wear dresses more but I can never find ones that I like.

3) I always have to have my toes painted, even in the dead of winter!

Three things that I like about myself…

1) That I am physically STRONG! I am probably stronger and in better shape all around now than I have ever been in my life! All my work is paying off and I LOVE that my girls both want to be strong and healthy like Mommy!

2) That I am tired of acting a certain way or worrying about saying the right thing to have friends. If you want to be my friend you have to like me for me. Yeah, I don’t always say the right thing, but I will be your friend till the end if you like me for me!

3) That I am a GREAT Mommy! Yeah, I make mistakes and some days are better than others, but in the end my girls love me and SHOW me that they love me!! They are healthy and happy and SMART and I want to take credit for that! Of course the hubby has part in this too but I am the one that’s been with them since the day they were born!

Three of my everyday essentials…

1) My Family. If they weren’t around me every day I know life wouldn’t be as fun!

2) Exercise! I do feel best on the days that I exercise but I will not sacrifice family time for it, so sometimes it just doesn’t get done for a couple of days.

3) Coffee! I usually only drink it in the morning and I am certainly capable of having a conversation before my first cup but I love the way it tastes and the fact that it keeps everything going.

Three Things that Scare me:

1) Flying insects that bite….enough said!

2) Not seeing my girls grow up/not having a good relationship with them as they get older

3) Not living up to my potential

Any you want to answer???

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