Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twinsburg Race Review

Better late than never, huh?

Last weekend was great. It's always pretty awesome when my sister and I get to spend a weekend together. This time we brought the babies with us (mine is 12 mos. and hers was 10 mos.) Our plan was to push the babies in our jogging strollers for her first 5k. She had done a few 5k's in training with her boy, but not an official 5k. I was pretty excited to be doing her first one with her.

The day before the race, we scoped out where we were going to be going to make sure we had enough time for before hand. There was some confusion as to whether it started at 8:30 or 9:00 so we got there in order to be ready at 8:30. We got there, checked in and fed the boys breakfast in their strollers. What good sports they were!

We line up at 8:15 with about 25 other sets of twins, some singletons and their families. It was pretty neat to see it all. Then we took off shortly after 8:30 down the school driveway, side-by-side, downhill a little. Then we went off into a bike path... we knew this was going to be an out-and-back race, so running side-by-side wasn't going to work for the whole race. By mile 1, the first runners were coming back in so we

had to go single file. I let her go ahead of me, then she took off. She stayed about 10 feet ahead of me the whole time. The water stop was at the turn-around. At that point, I was so exhausted trying to keep up with her. It was so hot and humid and my asthma was really starting to take a toll. Plus, I usually run about 11:00/min miles while pushing the baby and we were going at a 10:20 or faster pace. I was so proud of my sister. She was doing it!

At mile 2.75 we started off the bike path and headed towards the school track, which was not in great condition for a track--but it's not the worst I've ever seen either. My sister's husband was there taking pictures and got her smiling just before the finish... I was struggling, but ready to finish. Time was right around 32 minutes.! Awesome for her first 5k, and for pushing a stroller the whole time. I'm so proud of her!!!!

Next weekend, my brother is going to run his first 5k. I don't know if I'll run with him or not, but I will definitely be there to support him. I'm not sure if he wants me to run with him or not. He says he's pretty slow and doesn't want to be embarrassed but he's doing it and that's all that matters. He beat all the people who aren't doing it.

Here is my sister and I after the race... can you guess who is who? (I'm on the left with the blue stroller)

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