Monday, August 15, 2011

Disappointing Run

I'm really upset with today's run. The weather was gorgeous for a run and I was geeked up for a 3-4 mile run. I went out right after work, like I usually do and was excited to run outside again. It's been treadmill workouts lately since it's been too hot to run at 3:30 in the afternoon.

I was doing great, except for some minor breathing issues, that I knew I could work through. Then right at .6 miles, I was really starting to feel some pain and had to stop. It was mostly on the top of my right ankle, but a little of my left knee again too. I stopped and stretched them both, hoping that's what it was and started again. I had to stop at 1.15 miles and stretch again... while I did this, I realized I could touch my toes bending over. I don't remember being able to do that in a long time!

I started running again and vowed I was going to run at least two miles today. I thought I was going to have to stop at 1.75 miles but since I wanted to run 2 miles I forced myself to keep going, and I did. After 2 miles, I walked the 1/4 mile back to my car, disappointed. I don't know what the problem would be.. could be shoes, lack of mileage lately (the most likely reason), actual injury... let's hope it doesn't continue though.

How do you get past a disappointing workout?


  1. Just knowing some days are like that...Sometimes I think we try to do too much, especially after a break. I read somewhere that after 5 days you start losing conditioning. I know if I quit for just 3 I swear the next workout is harder.

  2. I've been through this - just had to walk, which was disappointing. Make sure you stretch after and just keep going :-) Not all runs will be bad ones