Sunday, June 26, 2011

5k PR!

I ran a 5k yesterday, first one in a long time. It was a smaller event, probably 300 or so runners, no chip timing, but gun start/timing. I knew I was going to push myself in this one. I believe it's the first one since I ran the half-marathon. I've done a 4-miler, but I don't know if I did a 5k or not... Anyway, I told myself I was going to give it my all, and push hard. I was feeling pretty good and looked down at my Garmin and my pace stayed below 10:00/mile the whole time! The race finished on a high school track and coming around the last curve the time was in the 29:00 range. I kicked it into high gear and finished at 29:36!!! First time ever below 30 minutes and a PR! I believe I may have shaved 3+ minutes off my time!

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