Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lacing up the Shoes

This morning, I'm lacing up my shoes to try to go for a run. It's been three weeks since my marathon, and I've only run two miles. I was going to rest and let my legs heel, (calf on one leg, Achilles' on the other) but they seem to be worse without running. I've tried the elliptical and biking and afterwards they feel worse than they did while running.

My biggest concern today is not my Achilles', which has bothered me the longest. It's my calf on the other leg. Last time I ran, I got this shooting, cramp-like pain in my calf that almost dropped me to the ground. I've had a little aching in that calf the last couple of days, but I'm hoping that it's my body wanting to get out and run again.

I miss running. I miss how I feel during the run--the calming effect it has on me. The time when I forget everything else that is going on in my life. My time. That sense of peace. Time on the elliptical or the bike does not do the same thing for me. Let's hope that today's run is just the beginning of me getting back into it.

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