Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Falling Apart Post Race

So, how do I feel post-race? Like I'm falling apart! Honestly, I ran two miles on Wednesday last week and that's all I've run since the marathon. Monday, the day after, I played basketball with the kids and felt decent. Tuesday was good, Wednesday I ran but didn't want to overdo it. When I got home, I played baseball with the kids and injured my calf muscle. I had hit the ball and was running bases when on my way home I felt a shooting  pain in my left calf and almost dropped to the ground. Mom had to be brave around the kids, so I hobbled over to the porch, sat down and tried to massage it out. It almost felt like a cramp, but I knew it wasn't. Once I got inside I rolled it on the foam roller but still hobbled around all night.

Between that and my Achilles' tendon, I figured I should take some time off from running. It didn't last very long. I tried to go out today since the calf was feeling pretty good. I didn't make it a half mile before I felt that same familiar pain in my calf again. I almost dropped again. I stopped running immediately and hobbled over to the elliptical to finish my workout. Unfortunately that hurt too, but I was able to alter my "gait"  so it didn't hurt quite as bad.

Every long race I've done (half marathon/marathon), I've ended up injured or unable to run for a significant amount of time. I really would like to keep up my mileage and go out and run 10 miles next weekend if I want to, but I think I'm going to have to rest it. I'm going to have to find some other sort of workout that will keep my in shape in the meantime. I guess it's an okay thing, since I don't care to run in the summer heat anyway, but it's just a bummer. 

I really want to pick a 5k and clobber my PR right now but I can't do it. I'm hoping just a few weeks will be enough. We shall see..

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