Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and Big News!

Wow, it's been a reeeealy long time since I wrote last. I had just finished up my second half marathon, with an amazing PR (in my mind...) After that race, I've had a LOT going on and not much of it has been running, unfortunately.

At the end of May, I started having some issues breathing, mostly while running. I noticed it because I was only able to run for a mile tops and I'd have to stop. I was given a round of steroids and a shot of steroids, neither of which seemed to help. My doctor put me in the hospital to give me some heavy duty steroids and monitoring. I felt ridiculous being there. I looked perfectly healthy to everyone who walked in. While walking the hallways, I could hear other people with pretty serious upper respiratory issues and wondered why I was there. After two full days, I was released not feeling any better but was told that it takes a while to start working. Eventually it seemed to get better, so I started running again. I was in training for another half at the beginning of November.

Unfortunately, some of the meds I was given in the hospital, and was told to continue taking, made it impossible for me to continue running long distances. I was told to keep exercising but my heart rate couldn't get up past 160 bpm, and again, I couldn't run any further than a mile at a time without stopping. Between that and my previous ankle issues, I decided to take some time off. I sold my registration to a friend (who decided to do her first full marathon!) and sat out.

After several months I finally called my doctor to figure out how to stop taking the meds. They were making my symptoms worse and the side effects weren't worth it. I had feared this phone call because I figured I would have to go into the office for an office visit and their scheduled didn't work out so well with us working folks. Fortunately, it was an extremely easy answer and the nurse who answered the phone was able to help.

So, the last month or so, I've been working my way slowly back into running. I wanted to take it easy and work up to my usual 3 miles because I didn't want to reinjure my ankle again. Sunday was my first day to have run the three miles. With the snow we received here, I had to wear my Yak Traks but it was a good run. I decided I was ready to run a race. It's been a long time since I ran a 5k and I was ready. My choices this week were the Midnight Special last night or the Hangover Classic today. Since I get up at 4:30 for work, I figured the Midnight Special might be a little tough. I decided on the Hangover Classic, and I'm glad I did. The route was one I had done before, with my then three-year old daughter and the road was clear (unlike last night's race).

I'm so glad I ran! My lungs aren't back up to par yet, with running faster and distances further than 1 mile but I was able to knock it out. My pace was about 2 1/2 minutes slower than my PR, but I haven't been training and I had to stop to tie my shoe (darn it!). It felt really great to be out there, despite the cold temperatures (it was about 22 degrees out)

With the 2012 ending, it was time to start figuring out what my race(s) would be. My goal is to some day do a full marathon. I probably will only do one in my lifetime but I want to do one. So... the big news.... I decided to sign up for my first full marathon! I'm so nervous. I hope I can be ready by April 28th! I really want to do this and have no idea what to expect. I don't want to fail either.... I'd be wrong if I said I wanted to be fast, but really I just want to finish and run the whole thing. We'll see what happens. Hubby is supporting me so much in this decision and I really appreciate him for this. When the date gets closer, I'll publish what my actual goals are... once I see how training is going.

So, it's time to revive this blog. I'll (hopefully) be posting updates on my training and how things are going along. It will also be a way of releasing some of my emotions about the race and the training.

Thanks for reading! Any one else have lofty goals for 2013?

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